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Personal Statement

I am a technical, infinite minded business-conscious software engineering leader. I use my experience in software engineering, product management & startups to design cost efficient risk-minimized technical scalable strategies and solutions to help advance a just cause. However, what I'm most passionate about is helping teams and individuals attain their fullest potential and find fulfilment in their work.

Before solving the problem rightly, I insist on solving the right problem. I’ve driven dozens of PoCs and product experiments and have scaled them to high traffic, high availability performant solutions loved by the users and maintainers alike. I’m experienced in setting sensible and effective Engineering and Product processes. I’ve built, managed and mentored highly talented and effective product engineering teams of 3 to 20 people.

I like to validate facts, question baseless opinions, ask fundamental questions and seek clarity in all matters. I love working with bold dreamers with good head over shoulders and I despise poor work ethic and dishonesty. I have little patience for corporate politics, heavy processes and responsibility without autonomy.

Work Experience

Mar 2015Oct 2019

Engineering Manager

Klara GmbH

I have played various roles within Engineering and Product teams at Klara at different stages of the company’s growth, often playing all simultaneously.

  • Led engineering to Series A
  • Re-built and scaled exceptionally functional teams of senior engineers, engineering managers and tech leads
  • Led several game-changing product innovation efforts
  • Designed yearly technical strategies for 2017, 2018
  • Represented engineering in the leadership team to guide critical business decisions
  • Oriented team culture towards security, performance and high speed delivery
  • Upgraded engineering processes for significant quality improvements
  • Introduced a technical debt payment strategy that actually works
  • Managed genius engineering hard-nuts
  • Architected and implemented several critical solutions using Ruby, RoR, JavaScript, AWS lambdas, Postgres
Jul 2014Feb 2015

Principal Software Engineer

Senic GmbH

As Principal Software Engineer at Senic, I -

  • Successfully wrote Arduino sketches for Nuimo’s prototype
  • Helped fund crowdfunding campaign to 500% of the goal
  • Presented Nuimo in several tech-talks
  • Authored technical blogs on behalf of Senic to give an insight on building hardware products as a startup
  • Introduced and adapted processes for hardware from my experience with several tools and methodologies meant for software 
Nov 2011May 2014

Senior Software Engineer

cognita AG

As a part of the elite development team, my responsibility here was to engineer and craft the product Bluereport. I lead refactoring of legacy code, improved solution design for better change management and scalability.

Apr 2011Jul 2011

Program Coordinator

Ladakh Ecological Development Group (LEDeG)

Took a sabbatical to volunteer as a project manager for a mission-critical sustainable construction project for flood victims. Overcoming language barriers, lack of domain expertise and construction experience, successfully completed the project before time which was completely out of my comfort zone.

Dec 2009Nov 2011

Director of Engineering

Idyllic Software

As a founder member and revenue shareholder of the company, I primarily played the roles of Principal Consultant and Director of Engineering. Specifically, I -

  • Led the development of various projects ensuring code and design quality, timely delivery and client satisfaction
  • Delivered 10+ projects successfully in Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, many of those needed complex problem solving
  • Built multiple teams of talented engineers
  • Mentored junior developers and evangelized software craftsmanship
  • Helped shape the vision and the culture of the company
Jan 2008Dec 2009

Software Engineer

Persistent Systems Ltd.

Designed and engineered  web applications in Ruby and Ruby on Rails for variety of clients belonging to several domains.



M.S. (Scientific Computing)

Interdisciplinary School of Scientific Computing, University of Pune


I have a legal right to work in Germany (Niederlassungserlaubnis) and India.

I’m fully proficient in English and a beginner in German.

I consider traveling for work as a perk.